My father has been an inspiration to me. I learned a lot from my dad. While I knew his wisdom and experience would be an incredible benefit in the business world,  I never thought it would be the wisdom I turned to survive on a daily basis with multiple sclerosis. He showed me how to persevere against the odds.  Time and again, I watched him seize every opportunity he could and make the most of it. The lessons he learned in overcoming his struggles in the business world and as a loving father to me, I incorporate into my own life on a daily basis.  Just as he never knew what obstacle he may have to overcome, I’m living day to day with the stresses of a disease I cannot plan for because it is never predictable.  Ever present, and now more obvious than it has ever been, I turn to creative solutions that allow me to survive and thrive in a world which is difficult enough for those with a healthy body and functioning limbs. These creative solutions are my adaptolutions which I hope to share with others who are seeking to find their path in a world full of obstacles.

I’m confident that people who have sought creative solutions would feel a greater sense of achievement knowing that their solutions have contributed to the well being of others. Whether it is something as simple as calling a friend in a time of need or finding the right wheelchair ramp that folds up and goes in your car so that you may visit your friends more easily ( I was lucky enough to have an amazing friend who did this for me so I could come visit her). Steps are not going to be an obstacle for our visits. These are perfect examples of adaptolutions that have worked for me and I am looking forward to other real life examples of what has worked for you.

Many examples of adaptolutions have profound impacts on people’s lives. However, it is often the light hearted moments that give us the greatest relief from the daily pressures. HUMOR has become my new best friend. There are moments when I feel like it’s impossible to move forward when low and behold a friend says something that has me tickled to death laughing.

If you have found your way out of a tough situation with strength, positive thinking and creativity please share it.  Im hoping to create an open forum where people can inspire others as I have been inspired. Everyone has their cross to bear, their struggle. What I want to know is, what was your adaptolution? Why bother sharing it? Someone out there searching for a way to get past their hard time just might benefit from your creative, beautiful solution. Your adaptolution.

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