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Nightshades by Katheryne Gutierrez

Kinesiology saved my life. Thats right! The day I stepped into a kinesiologist’s office I had no idea what kinesiology was, nor did I know the impact it would have on my life. By definition kinesiology is the study of movement in the human body. However, it is applied kinesiology that did the trick for me.

My entire life I had suffered from severe migraines, abdominal pain, and my energy and mental capacity slowly diminished. Mornings were harsh, the stiffness in my back kept me from just jumping out of bed. Turning the knob on the door, as simple as a it seems, was a struggle with my stiff hands and fingers. Family and friends did not understand how after 16 hours of sleep I was still exhausted. I was constantly reminded that I had a young body, a loving family and should have the thriving energy to experience life. I was constantly accused of planning an attention grabbing scheme to get my way with things. I would bury myself in books and forget about the world around me. It was the only way to forget the feeling of being a dead body among the living.

The first person that I found that could understand what I was going through (more than myself) was Lauria Paul ( a licensed kinesiologist/chiropractor)
“Tell me everything”
It was the perfect moment to get it all out of my system, without the fear of being judged. Dr. Lauria listened as he quickly took notes:
Stiffness, popping joints, fatigue, skin rashes, migraines were only some of the symptoms.
“ What is your nationality?” he asked.
“ I am Honduran” I said.
“Ok I think I know what you are doing wrong,” he said.

Dr. Lauria had me lay on my back with my right arm relaxed next to my side and my left arm out in front of me with my elbow straight. He put pressure on my arm pushing it outward and asked me to push inward. Both forces caused my arm to stay straight. This was a simple exercise to test my reflexes.

Next Dr. Lauria turned around where he had thousands of small tubes. Each tube had a label with the name of a vegetable, fruit, vegetable, legume or grain. Inside each tube there was a drop of each type of food. He picked out a few tubes that he believed were triggering my discomforts.

One at a time, he placed a tube on my stomach and did the reflex test for each one. Amazingly instead of my arm staying straight in front of me I would lose complete control of it and it would go to the side. I couldn’t believe the weakness I felt in my arm. I wondered if it was psychological but no it was real.

It turns out that Dr. Lauria figured that I may be allergic to “nightshades.” The nightshades are a variety group of food, plants and herbs. Some nightshades include tomatoes, potatoes, peppers, eggplant, tobacco and belladonna. Tubes that caused muscle weakness reflected foods that caused me severe allergies.

Dr. Lauria made the assumption that I was allergic to the nightshades because it is a large part of my cuisine as a Honduran. Excessive consumption led to allergic reactions. Now that I know what I should not eat I have created my “adaptolution recipes.” Recipes that are deliciously nightshade free but keeping the Honduran touch. Since removing night shades from my life, my fatigue, pain, and brain fog have lifted.

Thank you Dr. Lauria.