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2018-01-20 09.59.42

Bathrooms can represent such a barrier to the handicapped. Short toilets, zero safety bars, slippery surfaces, doors that are not manageable, tiny spaces, and cluttered spaces can lead to serious falls, injuries and stress. And there’s no getting around the

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Lightning Strikes.

Worrying is a waste of time.  Our creative, anxious ideations are hardly ever the disasters that actually occur.  I’m a particularly prolific worrier because Multiple Sclerosis can throw new symptoms our way at any time. Social media does not help.

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2014-07-11 08.07.11

I expected full term pregnancy to have lasting effects as a woman’s body goes through a tremendous amount of transformation. One effect I was not expecting was my almost total reliance upon the scooter to get me around. At first

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Alkaloids in night shades can impact nerve-muscle functioning and digestion.

  Nightshades by Katheryne Gutierrez Kinesiology saved my life. Thats right! The day I stepped into a kinesiologist’s office I had no idea what kinesiology was, nor did I know the impact it would have on my life. By definition

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One of the silver linings of MS is that I come across the most amazing people who inspire me everyday. Why didn’t I see them before MS? I did not take the time nor did I have the insight to

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Inclusion, a good thing.

When I see companies and places out in the world include inclusive practices, it makes me feel warm and fuzzy inside. The big things, like thoughtful placement of wheelchair ramps and easy to open doors can have a huge impact

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Original Watercolor by Patti Pogodzinski

  Traveling around in a wheelchair or scooter, throughout the day, people constantly look at me, then look at the scooter, look at me, then look at the scooter, etc.  While I  understand their curiosity as to why a seemingly, healthy

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Patti Pogodzinski

  As a child I was signed up to numerous dance classes, I went to gymnastics camp more than once, I was a midfielder on a soccer team, and I spent most evenings training with my synchronize swimming team. In

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Growing up as an 80’s child, holy jeans packed with mud were a rite of passage. Days were filled with splashing in creeks, catching crayfish and breathing fresh air. MS has put a damper on those activities. I’ve tried many tactics to get out in the fresh air while keeping MS symptoms at bay. Some have been more successful than others!

Many times I’m just too tired to get out there. But once I’m out in the elements watching daddy fish and Aaron smile, I am so glad I beat the fatigue and pain this moment.