Growing up as an 80’s child, holey jeans packed with mud were a rite of passage. Days were filled with splashing in creeks, catching crayfish and breathing fresh air. MS has put a damper on those activities. I’ve tried many tactics to get out in the fresh air while keeping MS symptoms at bay. Some have been more successful than others!

Many times I’m just too tired to get out there. But once I’m out in the elements watching daddy fish and Aaron smile, I am so glad I beat the fatigue and pain this moment.

1)   Warm weather calls for cooling vests and other cooling pieces. Those of us with MS can become rag dolls in the heat.

2)   Shade is a must.  Either from gorgeous trees or easy to handle umbrellas I love beach chairs with umbrellas attached.

3)   Helping hands are a must when braving the elements.

4)   Research handicap accessible spots for fishing and accessible path and plan ahead.

5)   Make sure your scooter battery is charged or you could break down on some gorgeous path, which I have come close to doing while 8 months pregnant. Cell phone back up is a must. So much for leaving the electronics at home.

6)   If you want to enjoy it with your 11 month baby, bring a saucer  and a favorite baby book and hang out in the great outdoors loving the Sun together!

What Adaptolutions can you share that have helped you safely enjoy outdoor activities again?